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Nutrition counselling

You've heard the term, you are what you eat, and the very same rule applies to your pet  Ensuring that your pet consumes a high quality diet has a number of benefits; everything from good coat quality to healthy weight maintenance.

Every dog and cat is unique. Each has their own special character, likes, dislikes and needs. And just like humans, dogs and cats have specific nutritional requirements. Did you know that a dog must obtain 37 different specific nutrients from his food alone? A lot can depend on breed, age, lifestyle and health. It's not surprising therefore that a growing, energetic puppy or kitten needs a different nutrient balance in his diet than a less active senior dog or cat. Most manufactured pet foods now offer an increasing range of special recipes designed to meet the precise and varying needs of different dogs. So you can be sure you're getting the right balance for your pet.


Our Registered Veterinary Technicians have extensive training in nutrition, and can assist you in choosing the best quality food for your pet.  In cases of specific medical conditions, our Doctors will be able to guide you to what diet is most effective in supporting that condition.

We regularly stock Royal Canin, PVD and Hill's diets, but can order in a variety of other diets as recommended by your veterinarian.

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