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General Characteristics of Cats

General Characteristics of Cats
Solitary but can be social with other cats.
May resent the presence of another cat.
Nocturnal, often sleep in the day and active at night.
Climbing and scratching vertical surfaces are natural behaviours. Be sure to offer vertical and horizontal acceptable scratching surfaces to minimize damage to your furniture.
Cats have acute hearing and good night vision.
Male cats will spray to mark territory on either vertical or horizontal surfaces.
Tom cat urine is very strong smelling.
If food is available all of the time, cats will eat all the time. Do not free feed. This will lead to obesity.
Have fresh water available at all times.
Normal play can appear aggressive to humans: pouncing, batting with paws, nipping, hiding then ambushing. Socialization to humans as kittens will temper this. Never let kittens play with your fingers or toes as this promotes prey response behaviour.
Cats like to dig and cover their urine and stool in litter boxes. Cats may refuse to use dirty litter or refuse certain types of litter. A general rule for the number of litter boxes needed is the total number of cats plus one. Keep at least one litter box on each level of the house that your cat(s) have access to.

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